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We recover gold present in the industrial, dental, porcelain or jewelry scraps. The gold bearing alloys are processed by Aqua Regia method, depending on their carat content. By aqua regia method of refining we assure the highest purity of 99.99% gold. Most modern technologies are employed by us to maximize precious metal recovery. Our experience in refining complex precious metal materials and our integrity ensures optimum returns to our customers.

We have a capacity to refine up to 200 kg of silver and up to 100 kg of scrap gold in 24 hours. We refine scrap old gold received from local retail jewelers, whole sale jewelers, manufacturers and banks. We are the largest gold and silver refining plant in Kerala and have clients from all over the state. All samples both inward and outward are tested in our in-house BIS approved assay laboratory and then dispatched, and hence high accuracy is maintained to get optimum recovery and there are no quality issues.


We have fully automated coining machines capable of producing hundreds of coins per hour. Custom made gold and silver coins to suit your needs are manufactured here. Coins can be customized in any design and weight as per the clients need with packing. Blister packing of gold and silver coins with the company name and logos printed on the pack is also done , which is used mostly by jewelers and corporate house for sale or for promotional activities.

The coin minting division offers gold and silver coins of 91.6 , 99.5 and 99.9 purity in weights ranging from 0.1g to 100 g and in the form of bars in weights ranging from 1g to 1000g.


SPS Gold Refinery has an in house Bureau of Indian standards (BIS) Govt. of India approved Assaying laboratory. Assaying is the process of melting down, stirring and separating the gold from other elements. At SPS, assaying is done using different assay methods like X-ray spectrometry analysis as well as the Fire assay method. The quality of Gold is ensured here at our Assay Lab through these processes.

SPS Gold Refinery consistently provides notably higher returns because of efficient and precise sampling techniques, and accurate analysis and recovery.

Hall marking

We have five BIS approved hallmarking centers presently all over kerala at Cochin, Thrissur, Calicut, Trivandrum and Thiruvalla. The centers' quality controls are based on ISO 17025 : 2005. Specialized tools and equipments are utilized and we see to it that the design of the jewelry is not affected by hallmarking.

After verifying the homogeneity of the batch all ornaments confirming to the declared caratage are accepted for sampling and assaying. Fire assay method determines the caratage of items are and then hallmarking is done by using highly advanced laser machines .


Our Units

Prompt Assay & Hallmarking Centre,
Ph: +91 495 3044440

Excell Assay & Hallmarking Centre
+91 487 2443605

SPS Assay & Hallmarking Centre,
Thiruvalla, Ph:+91 469 2707200
Ernakulam, PH:+91 484 - 4044900

Lotus Assay & Hallmarking Centre
Ph: +91 471 4017916